Mailing address: PO Box 11, Yountville CA 94599
Winery: 860 Kaiser Road, Napa CA 94558
Phone: 707/944-1000; fax 707/944-1122,
Tastings by appointment only,

Founded in Napa Valley in 2002 by Bill and Alicia Deem; the first wines released were Cabernet (2002 vintage), Merlot (2005),Cuvée Katrina Eileen Cabernet (2006) and Mixed Blacks (2011)


  • Bill & Alicia Deem, Proprietors
  • Rebekah Wineburg, Winemaker
  • Celia Welch, Consulting Winemaker
  • Kevin Travis, Brand Manager

PRONOUNCED:  “boo-kehl-lah”

INSPIRATION: We chose the name “Buccella,” which means “mouthful” in Latin, to evoke the big, bold, concentrated layers which make our wines so luxuriously flavorful.

PROFILE: Buccella is committed to producing limited quantities of handmade, luxury wines characterized by the richly flavored fruit and velvety textures unique to the Napa Valley. We produce small amounts of handmade, age-worthy Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot: our Cabernets come from several sites in Napa Valley, while our Merlot comes from Larry Hyde’s vineyard in Carneros.

DESIGN: The logo is inspired by the idea of a perfect mouthful, a contemporary interpretation of the tastevin, the small silver cup traditionally used by sommeliers.  The logo comes to life on each Buccella bottle, with a play of oval shapes and the heavy wax seal which results in a bold and graphic brand identity that is immediately recognizable.


  • 2012 Cuvée Katrina Eileen, 188 cases produced.
  • 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon, 1386 cases produced.
  • 2012 Merlot, 468 cases produced.
  • 2012 Mixed Blacks, 154 cases produced.

HOSPITALITY: Tours and tastings by appointment, 707/944-1000,